Welcome to Websites by Juniper, which is run by me, Georgie McBurney. My aim is to help individuals and small businesses set up and create their personal or business website for an online presence.

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My old business: Juniper Animals

I was in the position of needing a website myself about 8 years ago when I set up my business in Animal Health and Behaviour. I was quoted quite a lot of money considering I wasn’t making any yet. Someone recommended a friend who offered to do it for free. He took such a long time to get around to creating something and even longer to correct any mistakes that in the end I had to find someone else. I learnt you get what you pay for.  The next person recommended to me created something quickly but he wasn’t available for the aftercare. I began to receive a lot of spam which I could spend up to an hour at a time deleting. One of the spam emails I attempted to delete hacked into my website and it was wiped clean. I learnt its important to look for the aftercare.

I decided to take my own Graphic Design, ICT and Photography skills and went about creating my own website. I enjoyed the challenge of creating a professional website from the many companies and designs available. I discovered I actually love writing and went on to publish a few articles in equine magazines as a result. When friends began to ask if I could help them, I became aware that not everyone feels the same way about creating websites or writing. This help has grown organically into a small business.

So if the thought of creating your website is a bit daunting and you want some friendly and affordable help with aftercare, please see packages available.