WORDPRESS PACKAGES (annual charges):

  1. Free: Use a domain name with ‘WordPress’ in the title. Adverts from WordPress will appear on your website. Use limited ‘free’ design templates on WordPress. 3GB of storage and some basic design customisation. It is possible to buy, transfer or map a domain name to WordPress for (approx. £11-20 a year) so you can use a website name available without WordPress in it.
  2. Personal (£36): Best for Personal Use. Buy, map or transfer a domain name to wordpress (approx £11-20 a year). Remove WordPress adverts. At an extra cost you can get access to email and live support. More ‘free’ design templates available and basic design customisation. 6GB of storage available.
  3. Premium (£84): Best for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers. Buy, map or transfer a domain name to wordpress (approx £11-20 a year). As Personal Use, with addition of building a unique website with premium design templates, advanced design tools, CSS editing (more uniqueness), 13GB so lots of storage for audio and video. Option to monetise your site with ads. Advanced social media options
  4. Business (£240): Best for small businesses. Buy, map or transfer a domain name to wordpress (approx £11-20 a year). As Premium but includes business template themes, Google Analytics Support, unlimited storage, installation of Plug Ins, Uploading own theme templates and ability to remove ‘WordPress’ branding altogether.

Examples of Client Packages:


  • My current charge is £30 an hour.
  • Website Creation
    • A basic website (Home, About, Service/Product, Contact and Blog) with a clear idea from you on template (have a look a WordPress templates if you wish), information provided by you for each page and photos taken by you would normally take 2-4 hours. This would include viewing and any changes/corrections.
    • Websites with more pages, limited input from yourself, photographs sourced and pages written mainly by me would take longer, please bear this in mind when costing. A conversation about your budget is advisable and can be agreed before hand.
  • Blog Creation
    • If you have your own photos and have written a blog so just need help to upload/edit may take approx 30 mins (£15).
    • I currently use free stock photographs for website clients who don’t have their own photographs, if particular images are requested they may come with a charge from the photographer.
    • I am happy to write a blog from scratch for you, ideally we would have a conversation about content first and a chance to check it before publication. 100-250 word blog may take 30 mins (example), whereas 250-500 may take an hour (example) and approx. 1000 word blog may take up to 2 hours (example).
    • If the blog is outside of my subject knowledge, it may take more time to firstly research and write, the time and cost of which we can agree before hand.
  • After Care
    • Some clients just wish me to double check they are using their website to best effect and maximising traffic potential after they have posted their own blogs and/or pages. This doesn’t take long, maybe 15-30 mins (£10-15 respectively).
    • Some clients wish to change templates and add pages. Upgrade, add videos and PayPal features. Again charges are time dependant, the more you prepare before hand the less time it takes me.
  • Concessions & Advice
    • If money is tight, I understand and have been there. Don’t forget there are many tutorial videos that can help you if you have a bit of ICT savvy. Give it a go. Happy to then have a look over your website afterwards and advise on anything that may help enhance your website or increase traffic to your site which would take up to an hour.
    • It may be possible for me to create a website in exchange for a service you could provide for me. Happy to talk about it.


An average website package including my administration charge would cost between £200-300 to create.

Depending on your WordPress package, annually the website would cost the WP package cost again i.e. £84 for Premium, £36 for Personal etc. and your domain name hosting is about £11 a year, or sometimes with WordPress it can be included in the package. You will have the ability to update and add to your own website without me, but I am happy to help you if you get stuck for my standard administration rate.

If you are on a budget, hopefully I have made it easy to look at how you could cut costs. Good luck with your website creation and if you need my help please contact me.